Galactic Tavern Aliens

“Galactic Tavern Aliens” is an NFT project that was planned differently, but will emerge now with hyperspeed as a free mint project. All pfps and traits are 100% hand drawn by Robert Schlunze. In cooperation with BLNFT we will organize live events, Galactic Tavern pop ups at NFT conventions and more.


The KLONZ is ROKATOONZ RADIO PICTURES very own NFT collectibles project. The stylized, weird characters, created by 3D storyboard artist Robert Schlunze, resemble famous movie stars, historic characters, monsters, superheroes and many more. The KLONZ will start with a small collection of unique animated full figure characters, followed by a large collection of pfps.

Holzmarkt Berlin /

In cooperation with BERLINFT GmbH we produced a Smart Contract and minting websites for Holzmarkt Berlins 10th anniversary.

LAUSCH medien

LAUSCH medien is one of the leading audiobook production companies in Germany since 2004. From “50 shades of Grey”, to “Hellboy” and “Lord of the Rings”, numerous children- and youth novels to Fantasy, LAUSCH medien has produced more than 1000 audiobooks and audio plays, with more than 300 voice talents. ROKATOONZ RADIO PICTURES is planning to produce a couple of NFT collections with LAUSCH.